Welcome to CARE Venture!

We believe that to improve our community, we need everyone to play their parts!

CARE Venture is a comprehensive Volunteers Training System that volunteers can tap on to guide them in their volunteering journey.

In the Wisdom Era, it is important we do not get overwhelmed by information, but having the skills-set to acquire information, process them and create effective solutions.  In order to be effective in the Wisdom Era, it is important we need to develop good self-discipline lifelong continuous learning attitude.

Lifelong continuous learning is not about paper-chasing; going from one course to another to collect as many people as possible.  Lifelong continuous learning is about keeping abreast with essential information and skills that will enable you to be effective in the things you need to do whether it is in your work, family or community.

Understanding the importance of learning and volunteering, I have developed the Volunteers Training System to adopt both a Self-learning approach through using the internet, and workshops where we meet with others who have acquired the same information to meet and process the information into something that is applicable.

The Started Course is the initial course you need to take in order to continue with the Volunteers Training System.  It is FREE because I want you to start experiencing learning through the system, and also established a foundational understanding about Volunteering.

The Starter Course consists of 3 Modules of 4 units each.  The units are rather short, and you can actually finish each unit in a few minutes.  I invite you to Sign-Up and go through this Starter Course.  Upon completion, you will be required to take a simple quiz and once you passed, you will get a certificate as a proof of your completion of the course.