About CARE Venture


Thank you for your interest with CARE Venture!

Care Venture was formerly known as CARE Venture International and was a registered society in the USA founded by me.  It operated primarily in Yunnan Province, China since 2002.  In 2012, upon returning to Singapore, CARE Venture International was shut down to become CARE Venture, an Online Training portal to train people who are interested in the adventure of caring for those in needs and the community.

CARE Venture's Vision

Towards A Caring World

CARE Venture's Mission

To Inspire and Equip people into Change Agents who embarked on Caring Ventures.

CARE Venture's Core Values

  1. Empathy
  2. Empowerment
  3. Engagement

About the Founder

CARE Venture International was founded by Patrick Oh.

Patrick Oh is a Singaporean who ventured into Yunnan Province, China in 1999 where he spent much of his time working on community development projects and volunteers mobilisation.  His organisation was special because 100% of all donation goes directly to community projects!  Due to the many global disasters, donation became harder to come by and in 2004, he started his own consulting company to help maintain the running cost.  His consulting business provides training to SMEs, Non-profit Organizations liked Save The Children, World's Vision, Chinese governments and so forth.

He stayed in Yunnan, China for 13 years and operated CARE Venture International initiating community development projects (both rural and urban) and community participation movement; benefiting hundreds of thousands of people.  Some of his provides included stopping Fluoride poisoning to a county, starting the Cattle of HOPE project to help families become sustainable economically, Rainwater harvesting projects, literacy and a comprehensive volunteer training curriculum.

His years of effort were recognized by the Chinese authority and he was appointed as the consultant and lecturer with Yunnan University in 2010 where he worked closely with the AIDS Prevention and Narcotic Control Training Centre.  In 2010, he was invited to Shanghai as a guest to the Social Innovation Carnival.

In 2012, he returned to Singapore where he worked with En Community Services Society as their Project Director.  He is also a Business Advisor under the Spring-SIM Business Advisor Programme for about a year but decided to focus more in serving the Non-profit sector, and a social entrepreneur who started ReNEWzz Solutions Pte Limited, a Social enterprise focusing on active ageing of Seniors.

Patrick's philosophy of Community Transformation is where everyone in the community can play their role to serve others and take the responsibilities of problems in the community.  He does not believe in creating a Silver Industry because he believes when people started to care for others, many institutions need not have to be established.  Furthermore, from his experiences, he found that institutions create red tapes and incur costs, which depleted much needed funds which would do much good to those in need or in issues that needed the funding.

CARE Venture comes under the management of ReNEWzz Solutions, and it uses a business model to generate income for operation and yet creating solutions to community issues through mobilising volunteers - empowering them through the Volunteers Training System he has developed and also engaging volunteers in impactful projects!

CARE Venture also collaborate with existing Non-profit organisations to help them in recruiting and training volunteers.

En Community Services Society will be the key organisation in collaboration where use a social enterprise strategy to allow volunteers be trained and mobilised to serve in the various projects.