Applied Learning Concept

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With information becoming so easily available, the future of education will have to be revolutionized where paper qualification will not result in any significant, but how the knowledge are processed and applied in real life situation to make an impact.

I am an advocate of the Applied Learning concept.  I guess this is because whatever schools I have attended, it either closed down or changed name, and I feel that I have a special calling towards helping others know that Applied Learning is so much more important than merely studying to take exam, and getting a piece of paper.

I know it is easier for employers to use paper qualification as their initial processing of suitable candidates, however, there are other strategies towards getting the right people in your company or organisation.  I always advocate companies to be actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility, and integrate the element of mentoring volunteers as part of their service to the community.  It is through working with people in projects, only then can we observe their core values and various skills-set.

In the diagram that I have developed, you can see that knowledge by itself is useless.  A person needs to understand the knowledge, but how to know whether a person understood the knowledge gained.  Examination only proved that the person has memorised or explained he understood, but the true test of learning is application.  However, application alone is not enough, one needs to reflect on the application and the impact, and examine the hearts the values learnt.  All these are important for the development of responsibilities and ultimately good character traits.

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