How to start a Social Enterprise?

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I believe Social Entreprise is an innovative strategy of using a Business Model to benefit the community, especially those who are less fortunate!

I know because of the rise in awareness of Social Enterprises, there is a movement of people who are supposed in a Non-profit trying to generate profit and terming it as Social enterprise.  However, I need to caution that we need to have a purely charitable organization to meet certain needs, thus people need to give and support them.  Not everything can be monetized and personally I do not agree about building a Silver Industry which to me is commercializing doing good.

Doing good should be flowing from each one of us and social enterprise is just a vehicle where we can use a business model to focus on helping others, and moneymaking is not the motivation.

I understand that there is a great misunderstanding of what exactly is Social Enterprise or that making money in the social services sector is about social enterprising, thus my advice is to look at your motivation whether it is to make money or to serve a need.  If it is to make money, then you are merely trying to deceive yourself.  I know it is a thin line and not easy to discern, but you can talk to people and listen to what others say.

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