Our Courses

CARE Venture develops courses for the systematic and progressive development of volunteers with useful tools that will not only enable them to perform well as a community change agent, but also in their life!

I believe everyone goes through a journey of continuous learning.  However, my definition of learning is now merely about gaining information and awarded with a piece of paper.  I will not cover basic skills-set like how to handle an elderly person on a wheel-chair and so forth because there are other institutions covering those.  I will be focusing more on Applied learning.

Our training rationale :

  • Learning starts from the Heart to the Head; saw a need and want to be a solution to that need
  • Learning should be self-initiated
  • Knowledge acquisition : Done through self-learning
  • When in a group, learning should be on processing of knowledge gained through self-learning
  • Processed knowledge should be applied and analysed for further improvement

I understand that most people naturally do not like to learn because learning is about change, and change normally generated a certain degree of stress.  Thus, I have kept the learning to be very short units that can be completed in less than 10 minutes.  This is to allow volunteers to have a positive learning experience when their attention span is at the maximum.  After completion of the unit, they can either take a break or continue with another new short lesson.  The short lesson also allows for a sense of accomplishment as they move along in their learning journey!

Taking into account the different learning styles, and knowing the trend of people preferring video over reading, I have incorporated video into the training and drawing out important principles from the video to concretise their video viewing experiences.  At the end of the module, a quiz which focuses more on the formation of right attitude with regards to the information shared.

For knowledge that are skills-based, volunteers who completed the Information aspect of the course will be invited to sign up for the workshop where our trained facilitators will facilitate the group into processing what they have acquired into something that they can apply.  The application of knowledge acquisition is our focus, thus we will encourage groups to be part of our Social Network to motivate one another towards continuous learning and making an impact in the community.

Below are some of the courses I will be developing : (Click on course to be directed to Course details)


Wish you an exciting journey of learning and making impact in the community!


Patrick Oh