Starter Course Curriculum

Description :

The Starter Course is the first course a volunteer needs to complete in order to be able to carry on with the other courses that will be developed in future.  It also acts as the basic criteria for volunteering.

However, please note that we are focusing on raising community Change Agents; people who will in future design their own community service project to be implemented.  We hope that through this Started Course, volunteers can get a better understanding, and be inspired and challenged to take on the other courses to rise up as leaders in the community.


Objectives :

  • To orientate volunteer to the correct understanding and attitude towards volunteering
  • To orientate volunteer concerning volunteering and sustainable community development
  • To orientate volunteer on the Truth-Centred Approach


Course Duration :

The Course is made up of three modules.  Each module there are 4 units.

The duration of each unit is actually quite short; it can be finished in less than 10 mins.

At the end of each module, there will be a quiz to complete.

Once completed successfully, volunteer can download the Certificate of Completion.


Curriculum :

Module 1 : Volunteering

Unit 1 : What is volunteering?

Unit 2 : What are the benefits of volunteering?

Unit 3 : What to take note when volunteering?

Unit 4 : How to get started in volunteering?


Module 2 : Understanding Sustainable Community Development

Unit 1    : What is a community?

Unit 2    : Different aspects of development in a community

Unit 3    : Different groups in community and their needs

Unit 4    : Understanding Participatory Community Development (PCD)


Module 3 : Truth-Centred Approach – The Foundation of Development

Unit 1    : The Social Mess – Why the confusion?

Unit 2    : What is the Truth-Centred Approach?

Unit 3    : Understanding Human Nature and affects on Truth-Centred Approach

Unit 4    : Personal Development with the Truth-Centred Approach