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The Post-Modernistic Movement rejects the existence of an Absolute Truth.  In short, they are saying there is no right or wrong.  Such philosophy is very damaging to society and nations.  It will also affect healthy, sustainable development and the moral fiber of society.

The reason why advocates of the Post-Modernistic Movement came out with such nonsensical ideology and popularise it worldwide is because not many understood what exactly is TRUTH.  Thus, I have come out with the following diagram to help to bring forth clarity to what actually is "TRUTH", and hope that with this understanding, we can reinstate Truth back into our educational system and let our future generation be very clear of what is right and what is wrong.

In the diagram, you can see that TRUTH basically consists of :

  1. Law of Nature; covers all the sciences (Natural Law)
  2. Law of Love; covers values that are important for the development of good characters traits

These two laws are NON-CONTRADICTORY and is critical for the harmonious functioning of this planet we are living.  Anyone violating these two laws contributes to the dysfunction of this planet, thus, necessary action needs to be taken to educate and correct such person.

These two laws help to establish the basic responsibilities of every human beings living on this Earth.  The two responsibilities that these two laws upholds are :

  1. Stewardship - Law of Nature
  2. Relationship - Law of Love

With these two basic responsibilities as reference, we can gauge how a person fair in his/her leadership.  A person who is good in both Stewardship and Relationship, automatically becomes a great leader.  Thus the whole essence of leadership is not about gaining power, but about the ability to utilise the sciences effectively and relating to people harmoniously.

I have used the Truth diagram in the Truth-Centred Sustainable Community Development strategy where I advocate the empowerment of every individual with the necessary understanding to apply Truth into every aspect of their everyday life.

We have made this world a complicated place by showing disregard to Truth and living in confusion with nonsensical ideology about no right or wrong.  Thus, I call for a movement to return to a Truth-Centred world where we respect Mother Nature and the relationship we need to have for one another, so that wars, diseases and crimes can be greatly reduced.



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