Using Music For Transformation

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A large percentage of music in the Music industry are love songs.  However, very few people see “music” as a very useful tool for the transformation of people and the community! We can see that music can touched, affected, or transformed us in some way, maybe while we are listening to that piece of music. Thus we can use music is used in big events like sports events or national days.

Music consisting of notes is actually very Mathematical in nature.  However, it can bring about beautiful songs that will affect our emotions and mood, and set our feet tapping to its beat.  Can we accomplish more than just enjoying music with music?

I prefer to say that knowledge speaks to the mind, while music speaks to the heart.  Thus the best way to affect change is to use music that people likes and integrate with good lyrics that impart good values and see the magic ripple effects of it!  It goes the same if music is not properly used to advocate for the development of good values.  We have seen music that contains rebellious lyrics brings about anger, hatred and frustration in listeners and manifesting conducts that defiance and rebellion in nature.

I love to use music that communicates good values in my training workshops and events.  It helps to break the ice, bring people closely and realign the values to a common focus.  It will be even better if we can create a movement for the composing of healthy musics that communicate good values, and these music can be used in basking to touch the hearts of more people in the community with the right values.  Thus, I have started "Melody Of HOPE" in 2006 in Yunnan, China to encourage college students to write songs that communicate hope and good values.  It is my desire to see this birth into a movement where more and more aspiring composers create a new genre of healthy music and flood the music industry so that our young generation, community and nations can be affect and transformed towards a more harmonious world to live in.

By Patrick Oh (Social Entrepreneur)

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